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Quilliam Foundation

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Homosexuality: An "abomination" God deemed forbidden in the Qur'an

Among Muslims, there are some who advocate the philosophy of Rumi, some who claim that homosexuality, which the Qur'an defines as an abomination, is legitimate, some who claim that wine, which is unlawful by religion is lawful and some who support the fallacy of Darwinism, which denies the fact that God created everything and try to make an understanding that does not comply with the Qur'an to prevail in the world. This wrongful understanding of Islam advocated by such people is dangerous for the entire Islamic world. Muslims should be very cautious against this attempt to disseminate a philosophy that misrepresents Islam.


A London based think-tank. In an exhibition held by this foundation that is supposedly serving Muslims, information about man-to-man sexual relations praised in the works claimed to belong to Mawlana is explained. The foundation advocates Rumism and Darwinism. In a panel organized by the Quilliam Foundation on April 21st 2016, with the name "Sexual Diversity within Islam," homosexuality has been discussed. Well-known homosexuals in England who present themselves as Muslims have attended this panel as panelists. One of the founders of the foundation, Maajid Nawaz, who advocates Rumism and Darwinism, promoted this panel that propagates homosexuality on his social media account with the following words: "The great speakers on our @QuilliamF & @FreeWordCentre panel tonight on Sexual Diversity within Islam #Solidarity Our @QuilliamF &@FreeWordCentre speakers are @PeterTatchell @nazandmatt [An institution advocating gay rights] @KhakanQureshi Sherin el-Feki @SohailPakBrit @AsifaLahore @baradar85"

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